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Sète has a privileged location, between the Etang de Thau and the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France. Sète is one of the most beautiful fishing ports in the Mediterranean. A beautiful town located between the sea, the canals and the inland lake, l’Etang de Thau, it is called the “Venice of Languedoc”.

It is a city known in the art world for its remarkable dynamic culture, thanks to some of its proud representatives, for example Paul Valéry and George Brassens to name but a few. Sète is becoming a favourite with epicureans, with the indoor market Les Halles and the numerous quality restaurants offering a taste of the local produce. Sète is also renowned for the artists who live here, the museums and for its authentic and lively maritime traditions, like the jousting festival in summer. If you have the opportunity to come,summer or winter, you won’t be disappointed, Sète never closes….

The Etang de Thau


The Etang de Thau is the largest body of water in the Occitanie region. It has an area of approximately 7,500 hectares and an average depth of five meters.
It has been used to cultivate oysters and shellfish since ancient times. Two thousand people work on mainly family-run shellfish farms located all around the lake .Between Bouzigues, Mèze and Marseillan, the oyster beds stretch as far as the eye can see, like small, well-kept gardens, flush with the water.

Le Mont Saint-Clair

The Mont Saint-Clair is not very high… only 175m, but elevated enough to offer an absolutely sublime view over the town of Sète. There is a forest area called Les Pierres Blanches, lovely for a gentle walk or jog, with stunning views. There is also the panoramic view of the Belvedere where the charming chapel Notre- Dame de la Salette is located. After having climbed the 360 steps (or by bus for the less athletic), the snack bar La-Haut is a well earned port of call.

Le Mas Rousson with its 360 steps

Georges Brassens Museum

George Brassens was born in Sète in 1921, and was laid to rest at the Cimitière de Py, in 1981. A complete museum is dedicated to him, affordable (€ 5.80 entry) and fascinating for anyone, old or young, who loves Georges and his timeless songs.

The Marine Cemetery

Many visitors take advantage of their visit to Sète and the ascent of Mont Saint- Clair to explore the passage ways of the marine cemetery. A historic site where famous celebrities like Paul Valéry and Jean Vial rest. A peaceful place with breathtaking sea views.

The Coves

Not always easily accessible (you have to remove your flip-flops and your hands from your pockets), the little bays of Sète are well worth the effort .The best way to see them is to rent a kayak, preferably with a guide to avoid getting lost, especially if you are not experienced. A fantastic way to discover a whole series of magical places; caves, coves and hidden beaches.

The Theater of the Sea- Jean Villar

An exceptional place, originally constructed as a fort intended to defend Sète against the attacks of the English. Subsequently, the fort had various functions, and in 1959 it was transformed into a theater. Since then, artists from all over the world, of every genre; jazz, punk, pop, reggae, metal or techno, have flocked there. Attending a concert inside the theater is an incredible experience because even if you can’t remember the musician, you will never forget the spectacle, overlooking the sea, as the sunsets, seagulls and boats passing as the moon settles over the water.

The Lighthouse Saint-Louis

Built in 1680, it was demolished during the Second World War and then rebuilt in 1948. It can be visited from April to September. Good shoes and a bottle of water are essential before starting up the 126 steps, but the view makes every step worth it.

The canals

Sète is nicknamed the Venice of Languedoc because of its canals. On the Royal Canal the spectacular nautical jousting festival takes place in the summer months , culminating in the festival of Saint Louis in August. The architecture, the Haussmannian buildings, the small restaurants … are really not to be missed. You just have to spend a few hours here to realize that Sète is not a seaside town like any other.

La Pointe Courte

Pointe Courte is a unique fishing district, a world apart, a village in the city, facing the Etang de Thau. Small fishermen’s houses and boats reveal the modest lifestyle of the locals Famous thanks to Agnès Varda, who made a French film in Sète in 1955.

The beaches

We finish with the beautiful beaches of Sète. La Plage des Quilles, de la Corniche, du Lazaret, la Fontaine, la Baleine… .. 12km long to Marseillan.

What to do in Sète?

For the sporty or adventurous

Kayakmed: Sea kayak, stand up paddle, Polynesian canoe

Bikemed: Bicycle rental, reservation recommended, 19 Promenade JB Marty, Tel: +33 6 95 63 12 75 / +33 6 69 32 74 13 / +33 4 67 74 49 23

Setoise Diving School: 3, Quai de la Tintaine, Tel: +33 6 80 02 61 98

Tennis Club du Barrou: 6 Rue des Gerfauts, Complexe Sportif Tel: +33 4 67 53 43 78 / +33 6 71 99 68 37

Lab Magic Kite: Kitesurf School, 96 Chemin Château de Villeroy, Pont Levis Leisure Zone, Tel: +33 9 52 16 03 80 / +33 6 06 56 60 77

Sète Fishing 34: 8 Rue Longuyon, Tel +33 6 29 92 64 61

More relaxed activities

Vedi Venetia: Sant’Elena, a magnificent Venetian taxi from 1978, an unforgettable way to discover the canals and the lake, especially at sunset Tel: +33 6 16 71 39 01

Cap Caraïbes: Boat rentals with or without license, 37 Corniche de Neuburg, Tel: +33 4 67 77 87 99

Le Petit Train: A nice way to visit Sète for all ages, 37 Quai Général Durand, Tel: +33 9 82 53 27 37

For kids

Fantasy Park : Corniche Beach, Tel: +33 6 82 65 72 26 / +33 6 81 59 82 65 – Playground on the beach with bouncy castles, trampolines, slide and water games, with an area for toddlers

Center Balneaire Raoul-Fonquerne: An indoor wave pool, a 25m pool and an outdoor Olympic sized 50m pool, 1 Chemin de la Poule d’Eau, Tel: +33 4 99 04 76 50

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Our Favorite Restaurants

The local bakeries...

Boulangerie Buonomo , 66 Grande Rue Mario Roustan, after the Tourist Office (their almond croissants are delicious) 

L’Epi d’Or , 20 Grande Rue Mario Roustan 

Laurent Soro Bakery , 12 Quai de la Résistance 


Leelou Bistrot, 29 Grand Rue Mario Roustan

Les 2 Ramiers, 10 Quai du Général Durand, terrace with canal view

Tabarys , 1 Quai Général Durand, terrace with canal view

There are so many good places for foodies in Sète that it’s hard to only name a few … but here are our favorites.

Les Halles – an unbelievable visit to Les Halles, everything from shellfish to local specialties such as tielles, choose between tapas, cold meats, salads, pasta and much more. There are tables in the center for dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Order a glass or a bottle of wine from Diego or La Cave à Vin and you will enjoy a memorable lunch. There are also gourmet restaurants such as The Marcel, at Halles de Sète

or Halles et Manger. The desserts offered by Brown Sugar are delicious.

Italian Restaurants

La Maison Politi : 23 Grande Rue Mario Roustan, pâtes maison Tél : 04 67 78 95 98

Chez Mélo : 26 Rue Alsace Lorraine, pizzeria Tél : 09 51 70 32 35 

Nossa : 25 Rue Pierre Sémard, Pizzeria & Bar à Vin Tél : 04 67 78 88 28 – Ouvert dimanche et lundi soir

Pasta Politi : 5 Quai Charles Lemaresquier, pâtes maison, Tél : 04 67 74 04 50 – Ouvert dimanche et lundi soir 

Atmosfera : 1 Rue du 11 Novembre 1918 04 67 46 98 01

Local restaurants

Le Boucanier : 4 Quai de l’Aspirant Herbert, restaurant & wine bar, Tel: 09 80 61 21 45 Open Sunday and Monday evening

La Consigne: 3 Promenade Jean-Baptiste Marty, Tel: 04 99 04 82 69 – Open Sunday evening

Chez François: 8 Quai Général Durand, seafood specialty Tel: 04 67 74 59 69

Pimpant : 82 Gd Rue Mario Roustan 07 60 50 71 80

Cave à Manger : 4 Rue Gaston Escargue 04 67 51 54 90

(SoF)Fritto : 11 Rue André Portes 04 67 46 98 01

Bleu et Cochon : 11 Rue André Portes , 06 13 22 37 55

High-end restaurants

La Senne : 4 Quai Maximin Liciardi, pour les amateurs de poisson, Tél : 04 67 53 01 91

La Coquerie : 1 Chemin du Cimetière Marin, Menu dégustation , Tél : 06 47 05 71 38

L’Arrivage : 13-15 Rue André Portes

Restaurant Le Marcel : 5 Rue Lazare Carnot 04 67 74 20 89

Paris Mediterranée : 47 Rue Pierre Semard 04 67 74 97 73

Quai 17 : 17 Quai Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny04 67 74 71 91

Beach side restaurants

Le Bikini: 290 Promenade du Lido, Tel: 04 67 46 05 55

L’Essentiel: 292 Promenade du Lido, Tel: 04 67 51 15 40

Le Cube: 294 Promenade du Lido Tel: 04 67 74 87 99

Le Petit Bistrot: 14 Corniche de Neuburg, Tel: 04 99 02 43 89

There are also seven beach restaurants open from April to October.

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